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Galvanized sheet is a material that is used in construction for roofing, construction fences, drains and ventilation systems, and in many other areas. It is made of galvanized sheet steel, which is coated with zinc to improve its performance. It is classified by the thickness of steel, the thickness of the zinc layer, by way of galvanizing (cold, hot, electrical and thermal diffusion galvanizing) and shape (flat and corrugated galvanized sheets).

Galvanized sheet can be bent, painting, welding, and wherein the protective zinc layer will not damaged. Lightweight and economical galvanized sheets are a modern and popular material for the construction and production of various structures and objects.

Zinc has excellent protective quality from corrosion and mechanical damage. Galvanized sheet to is less affected by the environment, including aggressive. This extends the usage of structures made of galvanized sheet and allows ultimately save money on their repair and replacement.

All typically galvanized steel sheets are produced in two forms. First - galvanized sheet, the second - galvanized coil. The latter is usually the main form in which galvanized steel delivered from the company. Roll form in the future greatly facilitates the processing of galvanized steel: cutting of the tape, rolling and so on. Another advantage of galvanized roll is that it is easier to store and transport than other form of sheets. All galvanized steel is divided into groups according to their intended usage. It can be used for general purposes, for so-called cold forging, as well as coloring and cold forming.

More often pre-painted galvanized steel coils are used. Manufacture of rolls in factories is based on some special methods that protect the metal in the future, and don't let metal to deteriorate. These methods include passivation and oiling. After this galvanized coils can be stored anywhere, i.e in the open and closed areas. Galvanized steel is also categorized by the ability to draw. Thus it there can be either normal release, deep and very deep galvanized steel.