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Galvanized sheet is a piece of steel that is coated on both sides with a thin layer of zinc. This coating keeps the metal from corrosion. Galvanized steel is used in various areas of the building. Steel sheet is used for roofing, ceiling mounted, stone facades of different buildings, constructing decks, fences and etc. The usage of this material has become widespread.

Galvanized roofing sheet is produced in the follwoing way: the metal is heated to the desired temperature at which it becomes elastic. After it has cooled, it is put under the press. Then comes the process of running, by which steel is rolled in a sheet of desired thickness. But for now it's just steel sheets, galvanized steel that are covered with a zinc. 

Today, galvanized steel is still one of the best and the most common materials for roofing. Galvanized sheet is worth to in case you want to make your roof safe and durable, and what the most important is that it is cheaper; then price of galvanized steel is generally lower than those of other similar materials. It is very easy to work with steel sheet. It is a very light material, which facilitates assembly and packing. Using a sheet or roll galvanized steel roof can be placed virtually any geometric shape. She can also create overhangs, eaves, chimney.