Wall Panel Installation is a quick and easy construction process. It is possible in all weather conditions; wall sandwich-panels are resistant to moisture, the sun and other influences. Installation neither require attachment of a large construction and transportation equipment, nor the large number of employees. The sandwich-panel installation is possible even with the two adjusters, due to its light weight.  There is no need of any additional treatment after the installation, as far as it has already  a huge variety of coatings in various colors: color palette, metal, wood, plastic.


Wall sandwich panels are used in vertical, horizontal and inclined wall structures, which are successfully used in the construction of such buildings as: car washes, warehouses, service stations, supermarkets, vegetable stores, freezers, residential buildings, industrial facilities and other buildings. In addition, the wall sandwich-panels are used for the reconstruction and modernization of old buildings, providing an insulation and giving them an aesthetic look. The use of sandwich-panels in any kind of construction or reconstruction significantly speeds up and simplifies the process and reduces the expences.


Sandwich panel with polystyrene is an ideal material for building production halls and warehouses, factories for the production and processing of food pavilions, shops and service facilities, cold stores, garage doors, vans, interior walls of office and etc.