About us


The  "BONUS BUILDING" company was created on the basis of the "Goris "Microengine"" factory in 2007, which is located in the Goris city .

The main activity of the company is sandwich-panel production. The raw materials are being supplied from foreign countries. High quality raw material and the superb technologies provide an ability to deliver a high quality product to the market. Sandwich-panels are being used in the construction of almost all the fields of buildings. Due to its versatility sandwich-panels are used for finishing of the exterior walls, partitions, roof finishing and etc.. The scope of use is not limited to construction of the roof, industrial buildings, shopping centers and cabins. Thanks to the simplicity and functionality of sandwich-panels the construction becomes oversimplified. This material does not require any additional finishing. The usage of sandwich-panels does not limit the imagination of the customer, as there is an alternative of color variety, textures and designs.

The BONUS BUILDING company implements the designs, organize material delivery and sandwich-panel installation as well.